Anime Studio is a piece of animation software sold by Smith Micro. One of the nice things about it is that you can write your own tools and menu scripts in the Lua programming language. This site is dedicated to such scripts.

Here is a short video showing how to install scripts:

Latest uploaded scripts:
  Name Short description Type Creator Updated
Drawing Fazek tools AS9 tool Fazek 2013-03-22
Export/Import Camera to After Effects Export camera movement to After Effects. menu 2013-01-29
Bones/Rigging Smart Bone Helpers Quickly jump in and out of bones' Smart Actions tool Ramón López 2012-09-21
Export/Import edit in import your images in menu Roger duate 2012-07-19
Color Fazeks tools v8 Fazek's Tools for AS 8 tool Fazek, Mike Green 2012-07-02
Layers ds_distort.lua distort text layer points menu ponysmasher 2012-05-22
Other distort text layer points menu ponysmasher 2012-05-22
Animating Rudiger'sMorph Dial Morph Animation tool Rudiger 2011-10-19
Layers Select active child Select the active switch layer tool David Rylander 2011-09-15
Layers Select parent layer Change selected layer to parent of current layer tool David Rylander 2011-09-15

Disclaimer: This site is not in any way affiliated with Smith Micro or the makers of Anime Studio. The scripts and files on this site have been uploaded by users and we can not guarantee that they won't ruin your computer, pee on your pets or run away with your wife.
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