Lost layer tool
By: Ramón López
Category: Layers
Type: tool
Relevant link: http://www.lostmarble.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16862&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
First uploaded by: selgin
Short description: Absolutely All in one layer tool
Long description: This tool can be use as a replace of the translate layer tool and it has a bunch of feature, all destined to work faster and directly on the main screen, without opening layer proprieties window over and over again.

Some features are:

- You have most of layer proprieties on the tool menu to access directly without problems.

- You can change proprieties for several layers at the same time

- Masking is delightful. It let you mask watching the result in real time, so testing is 1000% easier

- Particle proprieties are showed in a tiny window with full access to all features

- Visibility, blur and transparency are easier to animate than ever

- It has a unique feature to capture mouse movement, so you can record in real time layer translation

- You can change blend modes (normal, multiply, overlay, etc) directly and on several layers at the same time!

- You have access to vector proprieties such as animated noise and sketchy effect and see the result in realtime.

- It's very compact and fits perfect even on small monitors

- It even has an About button!

Installation instructions are on the readme.txt inside the zip.

Versions to download:
File: Version AS Version Uploader Uploaded:
rl_lost_layer_tool_20100708_1931_rc2_ASP7.0.zip v20100708_1931_rc2 7.0 selgin 2011-01-04

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