Frame-by-frame on a single layer
By: Synthsin
Category: Animating
Type: tool
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First uploaded by: selgin
Short description: Easily make FBF on a single layer
Long description: This button let you make frame by frame on a single layer. Just draw on a frame, advance one or more frames and hit the button, it will clean the workspace. Make your next draw, advance some frames, hit the button again, and so on.


Extract the files to the scripts/tool folder (depending where you have Anime Studio installed)

And add this line to the "_tool_list.txt" file:

button syn_singlelayer_fbf ...

Versions to download:
File: Version AS Version Uploader Uploaded: 1.0 5.6, 6.1 and partially on 7.1 selgin 2011-01-04

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