Loop Switch
By: David Rylander
Category: Bones/Rigging
Type: menu
Relevant link: http://rylanderanimation.se/2008/10/10/loop-switch/
First uploaded by: David Rylander
License: GPL-2.0 - http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.php
Short description: Layers in switch will be layed out in order in timeline.Lay out layers in switch in order in timeline
Long description: Installation: Just put it in your scripts/menu/other folder.

Usage: Select a Switch layer and run the script.

The switches in the layer will then be layed out in the timeline following their layer order.

The parameters you can set is start and end frame in the range, interval between the keyframes,

and you can also select to lay out the keyframes in reverse, starting with the last switch, going downards in the list.

If the switches reaches the last one before the range has reached it’s end they will start over from the beginning.

You can also set to use every # image in the sequence. Setting it to 3 for instance would use images 1,4,7,10 etc.

Versions to download:
File: Version AS Version Uploader Uploaded:
DR_loopSwitch1314083689.lua 1.2.1 7.0 David Rylander 2011-08-23

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