Name Short description Type Creator Updated
Bones/Rigging Absolute Bone Lock No more sliding feet. menu 2011-07-28
Bones/Rigging Bone Parent Master Mimics bone movement other Mike Green 2011-05-22
Bones/Rigging Instant Limb Tool Create pre-rigged limbs really fast. tool 2011-01-02
Bones/Rigging Load/Save Bone Animation. Load and Save relative bone animation. menu 2011-01-02
Bones/Rigging lock foot bone tool 2011-03-02
Bones/Rigging Loop Switch Layers in switch will be layed out in order in timeline.Lay out layers in switch in order in timeline menu David Rylander 2011-08-23
Bones/Rigging Manipulate Bones A combination of all bone tools with extras. tool 2011-01-02
Bones/Rigging Set parent switch layer Set current layer to active in switch menu David Rylander 2011-09-15
Bones/Rigging Smart Bone Helpers Quickly jump in and out of bones' Smart Actions tool Ramón López 2012-09-21

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