Name Short description Type Creator Updated
Animating Animate Origin Enables animation of layers origin multiple 2011-07-24
Animating Bind camera to layer Always sets camera position to that of a layer. menu 2011-07-24
Animating Bone Time Machine Get keyframes for bones from earlier or later in timeline. tool 2011-01-02
Animating Frame-by-frame on a single layer Easily make FBF on a single layer tool Synthsin 2011-01-04
Animating lm_layersoundX audio wiggle X axis menu hayasidist 2011-06-26
Animating Motion Baker Bakes keys on frame menu Mike Green 2011-05-22
Animating Point Time Machine Get point keyframes from earlier or later easily. tool 2011-01-02
Animating Rudiger'sMorph Dial Morph Animation tool Rudiger 2011-10-19
Animating Separate XYZ for Camera Animate camera XYZ position separately menu 2011-07-24

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